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Arcanum: The Intelligence Behind High-Stakes Decisions

In an ever-changing and globally interdependent marketplace, it is imperative to be able to anticipate and respond to shifts in the political landscape, changes in the regulatory environment, local attitudes to governance and international competition, geopolitical intrigues and other challenges — particularly in burgeoning markets. At Arcanum, RJI’s sister company, we offer the expertise to tackle these issues and more. RJI’s work is underpinned by the intelligence services offered by Arcanum; the pairing of the two companies’ capabilities have changed the way our clients play the game.

Arcanum’s professionals are comprised of highly talented and credentialed individuals from around the globe with decades of experience in defense, diplomacy, intelligence, law enforcement, regulatory and corporate governance, white-collar crime investigations, litigation and the media.

Every business sector has its own unique set of particularities, requirements and expectations. Arcanum’s tailored approach is designed to meet even the most discerning clients’ needs with the utmost care and discretion. Arcanum’s solutions enable clients to create effective decision making processes built on accurate and actionable intelligence data and to solve complex strategic challenges efficiently and ethically.


For more information or to contact Arcanum, please visit Arcanum’s website: www.arcanumglobal.com