RJI Capital Industry Knowledge

Lifting Industry to New Heights

With specific market expertise, leveraged global connections and a team of highly skilled professionals, RJI makes direct investments and provides strategic advisory, financial advisory and project development services to clients in diverse industries around the world.

Learn more about how RJI Capital helps these industries:

Energy & Natural Resources

The push for sustainability. Corporate consolidation. Resource restraints. Climate change. Those challenges and many others confront companies in this global, multifaceted industry. RJI Capital offers innovative, strategic thinking that allows clients to maintain a delicate balance between controlling costs today and investing in technology and infrastructure for a competitive edge tomorrow.

Telecommunications & IT

In this fast-changing, ultra-competitive space, clients need the insight to determine where they stand and the financial wherewithal to get where they need to be. RJI Capital helps telecom and IT players identify their core competencies and shape their portfolios accordingly. We develop strategies that allow clients to leverage their value, whether by merging or acquiring, divesting of assets, or engaging in equity-based transactions.

Financial Services

As financial institutions redefine themselves in challenging times, RJI Capital is there to devise market-entry strategies, examine emerging business models, address regulatory reform, manage risk and transform cost structures. Companies in this market segment are being compelled to take a closer look at their performance and profitability. RJI gives them the intelligence and insight to do that with confidence and clarity.

Aerospace & Defense

Faced with constrained budgets and increasing pressure to improve efficiencies and acquisition performance, defense players need guidance that leads to transformation. RJI Capital helps clients in this arena achieve profitability through cost reduction, risk analysis, restructuring, long-term strategic relationships and the development of new market strategies.

Airports & Ports

A variety of trends, including increased air traffic, the growth of no-frills airlines and decentralization, are transforming airports into full-fledged commercial enterprises. Now airlines must figure out how to increase revenue, enhance customer service and boost operational efficiencies, all while cutting costs and courting private investors. Seaports, as key facilitators of commerce, face many of the same challenges. RJI Capital works with these clients to analyze cash flow, develop capital-raising programs and explore potentially beneficial M&A activity.

Industrials, Trading & Conglomerates

While clients in this space enjoy a number of benefits — among them, reduced investment risk through diversification and the development of internal capital markets — there are drawbacks as well. RJI Capital helps these clients analyze their management structures to reduce inefficiency, battle inertia to spur innovation and develop a sharper focus that allows multiple unrelated businesses to be operated with equal effectiveness.


Today’s media industry is marked all at once by tremendous upheaval and great promise. The digitization of content and proliferation of new technology platforms are driving shifts in consumer behavior and forcing companies to rethink their business models. RJI Capital is helping media clients navigate this highly competitive landscape, build new revenue streams while leveraging existing brands, improve cost efficiency and maintain financial strength.